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Systems Engineering PhD Student, Cornell University


Office: Upson 529
LinkedIn: rtakkar
GitHub: ritwiktakkar
Twitter: @rickytakkar

News and Links

January 2022. Thrilled to be awarded a teaching assistantship (TA) for the Spring 2022 semester! My teaching assistantship will be for Project Management - ENMGT 5900/6910 taught by Professor Robert Newman, a senior lecturer in the Engineering Management program at Cornell.

December 2021. Completed my first semester as a PhD student at Cornell. Check out my group's final project report and presentation from our Learning with Big Messy Data course. We tried to uncover the extent to which a company’s earnings call affects their next day opening stock price using 3 datasets from Kaggle and methods like Lasso and Huber for regression and gradient boosted tree ensemble for classification. Also, I switched to using jemdoc + new design for my website in accordance with senior STEM academics and its ease of use as a static site generator.

August 2021. After completing my second internship at ParallelChain Lab, I published my online research database web scraper on GitHub. Excited to start my PhD at Cornell University with a systems engineering departmental fellowship!

June 2021. Joined ParallelChain Lab, a blockchain-focused financial technology start-up based in Hong Kong, as a returning software engineer intern.

May 2021. Received my Bachelor of Science – BS in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University.